Thursday, November 10, 2011

David Clarke: Politeness Enforcer?

Sorry, Sheriff, it's not your job to opine about road-manners.

A driver in a hurry cut off someone off today on her way to southbound Interstate 43 around Keefe Ave. and held up her middle finger as she was doing it.

Too bad for her, the driver she flipped off was Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr.


When she recognized the sheriff she said she was in a hurry, apologized and said she wouldn't have delivered the impudent digit if she'd realized it was to Clarke.

He told her she shouldn't have done that to anyone.

Miss Manners wears a uniform, eh?

It's fair to say this:  the driver evidently has problems which go beyond "politeness," and Clarke nailed her for a few offenses, including driving with a suspended license.

But he'd be better off just leaving manners lessons to professionals.

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