Monday, November 14, 2011

Dane County DA Doesn't Like Open Records Law

In the view of Ozanne of Dane County, the "rule of law" foolishness only applies to eeeeeeeeevil people.

Not Democrats, like Ozanne.

[A] group is suing Ozanne over his failure to promptly provide records of his communications regarding three lawsuits challenging Walker's budget repair bill, which eliminated most collective bargaining powers from most public employees.

....The Education Action Group, which advocates for public school change and has been critical of teachers unions, made its initial records request of Ozanne on April 7. It sent a follow-up request dated May 10, threatening legal action. It alleges that Ozanne did not respond.

In early June, the group sued, charging Ozanne with violating the open records law. A week later, Ozanne made the first of two batches of records available. But the group is still seeking to recover its legal fees, as the open records law allows.

So the State of Wisconsin will pay outside counsel up to $25K to defend Ozanne from paying $5K in legal fees.

And Ozanne is bitching and moaning because he doesn't feel all comfy and warm with the attorney.

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