Monday, November 07, 2011

Canadian Shale Oil? Not Soon, and Will Cost More

Obozo cannot cross the Green Goddess bunch, nor can he cross Big Labor.

Too bad that they are diametrically opposed on the question of Keystone, eh?

So Mr. Transparent, Mr. "Right Thing" will punt the decision until after 11/2012.


TransCanada chief executive Russ Girling said Friday that the three-year review process has already imposed costs on his company, including $1.9 billion on pipe and other equipment stored in warehouses.
“The carrying costs on those are material, and we continue to incur those costs,” he said, adding that further delays beyond the end of the year could force U.S. refineries that have signed contracts with TransCanada to look at alternatives, either other sources of supply or other transport means.

Too bad.  I might not have purchased the pipe quite so early.  But Girling was operating in a business-mode, not a "politics calls all" mode.

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