Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Asthmatic? Tough. You'll Die for the Green Goddess

Primatene Mist is now going buh-bye, if the Senate has its way.

By a vote of 54-44, the Senate voted against an amendment to its minibus appropriations bill that would block the FDA from regulating the Primatene Mist inhaler — the only inhaler available without a prescription.

Primatene uses CFC's to propel its active ingredient.

CFC's are a no-no.  Remember the 'ozone layer'?

So.  Just die and get it over with, already, please.


Anonymous said...

Meanwhile in the House, a vote was held on maintaining In God We Trust as the national motto.

How many jobs will THAT create?

Anonymous said...

Where were you truther when the dems were in control and as the nations economy burned they named post offices or held tributes to your KKK leader?


Amy said...

How many jobs will THAT create?

Better question: How many people will that vote harm physically?


neomom said...

You may want to ask a different question...

Why have Harry Reid and the Do-Nothing Dems in the Do-Nothing Senate refused to let the multitude of jobs and other bills passed by the House have a hearing and vote?

Anonymous said...

Even better truther....when was that last budget passed in the Senate??? Try to get the right year..


Anonymous said...

"The 112th Congress will be guided by the Cantor Rule:

Are my efforts addressing job creation and the economy? Are they reducing spending? Are they shrinking the size of the federal government while protecting and expanding liberty? If not, why am I doing it? Why are we doing it?"