Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Abramoff Is Right, and Wrong

Jack Abramoff will be 'telling all' in a forthcoming book and to a lesser extent on "60 Minutes."

Should be a lot of fun to read and watch, I suppose. 

He seems to think that the lobbying system needs reform.  Well, maybe. 

Abramoff swings and misses on two counts.

1)  There will always be corruption and dishonesty, whether in DC, Madistan, or the Village of Left Insomnia.  Ain't going away.  Elections are supposed to fix that problem--or in some cases, prosecution.

2)  There's too much Government.  Even if there were no outright dishonesty or corruption, interest groups will always exist, so long as there are interests at stake.  Create a Cabinet Department, or write tax-law, makes no difference:  interests will be .......ahhh.......interested.

So.  Dump 50% of the Gummint, you'll lose at least 50% of the crap.

THAT is the solution, along with hard time for corruptocrats of the Ruling Class.


Anonymous said...

Shrinking the Government by 50%
is the wisest thing you ever said.

Please allow the following plug....

I really believe Government will not Shrink under Cain. He is a pig in the poke and a hidden crap sandwich and this has nothing to do with the sex scandal..

"If Cain Wins, the Tea Party Loses"


J. Strupp said...

The 60 Minutes segment made me want to puke.