Thursday, September 08, 2011

A Word to Club for Growth (and Rove)

Several Conservative bloggers undersigned a letter which VERY politely asked Club for Growth to butt out of Wisconsin's (R) primary for the Senate seat relinquished by Herb Kohl.

It's a letter with which I fully agree.

Now let's widen that scope a bit.  I'd like Karl Rove to butt out (there are stronger terms) of the (R) contest for the Presidential nomination.  For that matter, Ann Coulter could do the same.  It's not that Rove doesn't have something to offer--he's very good at number-crunching.  As to policy:  not so much.  When Perry accurately describes SocSec as a Ponzi scheme, it's not up to Rove to gainsay him.  Paul Ryan made the same point as Perry with his 'soft-landing' re-arrangement of the scheme--but it's a scheme, no matter how you criticize it.

IOW, to CFG and Rove:  thanks, but no thanks.  We'll do our own thinking.

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neomom said...

Thumbs up!!!

The issue is the prototypical "establishment"... they do NOT like having folks from off the reservation apply.

We saw it with the gentry helping the liberals go after Palin in 2008, we are seeing it with Perry now.

We are fighting the same here in NC at the state level. The Raleigh gentry drew our new congressional district to pick the candidate for us (a career establishment guy and current state senator). Pissed a lot of people off because we have a guy we already like that is running thankyouverymuch (a plucky "former" marine that sounds a lot like a certain former Army Lt Col from Florida).