Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Wisconsin's Statist Dweeb Scare-Mongering

Owen found this to be interesting.  So do I.

Some people who want concealed-weapon permits are apparently trying to satisfy the training requirement by taking hunter-education classes, even though the classes weren't intended to cover concealed-carry issues, state officials said.

The concealed-carry law takes effect Nov. 1. Under the measure, residents who can prove they've taken a training course can apply for a permit to carry a concealed handgun.

Here's the operative part:

The state hasn't released specific requirements for firearm training, but the law says a hunter-education class established by the state Department of Natural Resources would qualify.

Now some anonymous wibblewort in Gummint says "that's not what we think."??

ALL gun-education begins with the Four Rules, which are covered in hunter safety:

1)  Treat all guns, ALL the time, as if they were loaded;
2)  NEVER point the gun at someone/thing you don't want to kill;
3)  Keep the finger OFF the trigger until you are ready to fire;
4)  Make sure of your target AND what's behind it.

Like Owen, I think that taking a CCW course is a good thing.  Same-o if you have military training on small arms (which every member of the military does have.)

But like the Legislature and the Governor, I think that hunter-safety coursework is sufficient.

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