Friday, September 09, 2011

When Obozo Loses AP.....

To say that the last six weeks has been a disaster for Obozo would be accurate.  Approval rate off the cliff, "Any chipmunk Republican" out-polls him; Lefty columnists scorching him, un-ending high 8/low 9 headline unemployment projected to last through 2012......

Then to top it off, he loses AP after delivering a so-so speech full of the same crap he's been pushing for 15 years or more.

His plan would be fully funded, it would not add to the deficit, it would create jobs immediately, and it was chock-full of bipartisan ideas.  The Associated Press fact-checked these claims, and found them all false.

Now TOTUS will re-play that speech on his campaign swing (which his campaign is not paying for) over the next several weeks.


Jim said...

This is a ridiculous post based on a rather meaningless article from AP.

"The Associated Press fact-checked these claims, and found them all false."

No they didn't.

AP says, "So there is no guarantee that programs that clearly will increase annual deficits in the near term will be paid for in the long term."

This goes for just about any legislation ever passed since the end of the 18th century. Therefore it is a meaningless statement.

The article is full of "It's hard to see" and "not all...proposals are likely to yield quick job growth" and "Obama did not spell out exactly".

Really damaging stuff, huh?

Any thoughts on Bachmann's "rebuttal"?

Dad29 said...


Haven't seen B's rebuttal.

TerryN said...

Along the same theme of this post; I happened to really enjoy Laura Ingram interviewing Chuck Todd this week. She had him stammering for about 5 seconds when he accidentally revealed NBC pollsters agenda and she held his feet to the fire.

Classic radio.

Jim said...

TerryN, do you have a link to that audio, I'd love to hear it.

TerryN said...

OK it wasn't 5 seconds.

Jim said...

Yeah, I found it. Of course everyone "knows" that the so-called liberal media is biased, and Fox and their acolytes readily acknowledge their bias when they claim they are countering the liberal media bias.

That said, I think that ANYONE who wants America to succeed would be "concerned" when a large number of Americans think the president will not be able to solve problems.

In other words, what Chuck Todd said in the first place can be interpreted either way you want depending on your political bent.

Anonymous said...

How does Chuck Todd even have a job?

TerryN said...

If Chuck Todd was "concerned" when a large number of Americans think the president will not be able to solve problems, he would not have stammered. He would emphatically state that case.

Oh, Fox News doesn't try to hide their bias. Most people prefer honesty, which underscores the rating advantage Fox holds over NBC.