Monday, September 12, 2011

THIS Is a Romney Campaign Theme?

Mr. Establishment/East Coast Pubbie sends a memo:

Thru this entire process so far, though, only Governor Romney has proven to be the one candidate viewed as the “adult” in the room

Really, Mitt? Are all "adults" switch-meisters?

I won't mention the other individual who refers to himself (himself is the only thing he thinks about *cough*) as 'the adult in the room.'

Keep up the good work.  That'll give Perry another 5%!

HT:  Zippers

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Mark said...

Hey, Dad29--

You're being mentioned over at AoSHQ tonight. They're commenting about supporting our local and state bloggers. Although I live in London, I consider Wisconsin "home"--I grew up in MN, but my grandparents were from LaCrosse, and my elderly parents now live in that area--I love that Mississippi River Valley life! I also have good friends in Superior/Duluth. I've had a quick skim of some of your posts, and I like what I see and now have you bookmarked! Although I don't blog myself, I'm a savvy reader and am happy to tout a good, Conservative blogger. Stay strong there in WI, and best wishes on the march toward 2012!