Friday, September 16, 2011

That "Energy Saving" CFL Bulb? It'll Cost Ya!!

The Chinese Commies aren't stupid.  Since the Brainless-Dolt Trust (the US Congress and, sadly, GWB) made CFC the only legit bulbs beginning in 3 months....

China has crimped the supply of rare earth metals causing CFL light bulbs to rise in price by 37% this year.

We note that Congress has not yet acted to delete the law.

Where's Sensenbrenner?  Kohl?  HELLO!!!!!


neomom said...

I ain't just CFLs... Gadolinium is up by something like 120% in the past several months. Used in contrast MRIs and nuclear fuel among other things.

The enviro-wienies have made all the mines in the US shut down.

Other uses for the various rare earths? electronics, catalytic converters, hybrid car batteries, solar panels, etc.

But hey, giving the Chinese the corner on the market was a great idea wasn't it?

Dad29 said...

Yah....didn't the US have only ONE facility for processing that stuff, which was sold to PRC in the late '90's...

Or was that some other unique item that we gave away?

neomom said...

You may be right on that one. When the PRC got a bug up their hiney about the Japanese several months ago, we had to start procurring through the Aussies, since they weren't peeved at them.

There is a mine that could be restarted in California... nevermind.

But PRC has been securing mineral rights all over the globe. Another key one to watch is Rhodium. Actually, anything ending with an "ium" is on a big inflationary curve.