Saturday, September 03, 2011

Teacher Re-Hires: What's Equitable?

The Conservo-Talkers are having a field day with the "teacher re-hire" game.

Ms. Stonebreaker, 55, takes her retirement from Lake Wobegone Schools.  Gets her pension and health insurance, leaves her $60K/year salary behind.....

.....for a week.

She then re-signs with Lake Wobegone Schools as a teacher, earning $60K, so now she's pulling a pension, two health-care plans, and a salary.  (Maybe Lake Wobegone doesn't give her a second health plan.)


Kinda seems unfair, if not tacky, or slimy, although it's perfectly legal.

What to do, what to do....


If Ms. Stonebreaker wants a job with Lake Wobegone, she can have it.  BUT she must re-join the system at salary level "rookie," which may be around $25-31K.  New worker, greenhorn wage.  And of course, Ms. Stonebreaker has to compete with the actual, real-live rookies coming out of college for the job.



Headless Blogger said...

This is not uncommon for nuclear workers. Except they will come back as contractors, not direct employees - no benefits, no job protections, just a much higher hourly rate. It works for the company and the worker by getting the high priced workers out of the health insurance pool and the pension system (where one exists), while the workers can pocket much larger take-home pay.

Dad29 said...


But private industry is not public schools and re-tread teachers are not on a 30-day/renewable contract, nor on an 'at will' employment basis.

capper said...

I don't understand why the squawkers are upset about the teachers when Walker was doing that with county employees for years as county executive and is doing it at the state level with those employees.

More than a tad bit ingenuous, wouldn't you say?

Anonymous said...

It's only hypocrisy when the other guys do it.

neomom said...

No wonder the New Berlin teachers were complaining that the elimination of the 55-year-old retirement age was "punative".

That and the dress code... the horrors!

Dad29 said...

The teachers' deals are visible, Capper. Document the other deals and we'll talk about it.

Dad29 said...

Yah, and they have to go buy actual clothes and shoes with NO MONEY because they were all raped by Walker on their net-chex.

Deekaman said...

Crapper's back. Oh, joy! Walker to stalk today? No school kids or Special Olympics to disrupt? I know! No Black Conservatives to beat up on today (Ken Gladney).

That must be it.

capper said...

Unfortunately, the county doesn't store the grievances online. (So much for Walker's transparency spiel, eh?)


Fun fact of the day for you: The people booing Walker at the Special Olympics event were the parents of the Olympians. Your inept hero chose that day to announce he was cutting off the disabled from Family Care. But let me ask you a question - How does it feel to be so absolutely moronic?

capper said...

BTW, Daddio, we won those grievances as well. It only reinforces what the thinking people already know. Walker has no leadership skills, hence his need for tyrannical control. Sorta like the NBSD. I wonder how loudly y'all will be wailing when it comes to pay for your foolishness.

Anonymous said...

But in this situation the school district CHOSE to employ her again. Obviously, she has WORTH as a veteran teacher. BOTH groups worked on a salary and benefits befitting of her status. I believe this is called the free market that Neo-Mom harps about all of the time.

So, if the taxpayers would be upset with this deal, then they should work to remove those members from board who enabled it to move forward.

Now, how do some of the work rules ( the loss of personal appliances, the elimination of a sick bank to help teachers out with a major illness, the mandatory reporting by individuals if they received a ticket by law enforcement) put forth by the New Berlin School Board ensure lower taxes for their constituents???

Perhaps NBSB members ought to look at their brethren at Shorewood for guidance on COLLABORATION, rather than punitive measures.

Deekaman said...

Hey, Crapper....I'm laughing at your impotent rantings. Your ilk will be a thing of the past. You remain as moronic as ever.

So, not willing to go out and exercise your thuggery in the rain? I'm still waiting for you to justify stalking Walker and the hate speech your unions continue to use. How long do you think we will put up with union bullying? How much good do you think bullying teachers at Messmer and intimidating the kids does? Does it feel good to know that you are trying to force those kids back into a system that has failed them for decades? Does it feel good to know that you are keeping thousands of kids in an unending cycle of poverty and violence? Does it feel good to know you and every liberal are personally responsible for every drug overdose and shooting in the 'hood? YOUR policies made it so.

And you know I'm right (either that or you're brain dead, which may be the stronger potential).

Dad29 said...

Deek, recall that Capper works in the social/psychological field.

The more desperate/depraved there are out there, the more Counties need folks like Capper.


Not to worry, the Administrators/Board members will be tossed out. That's what elections are for, as you have discovered.

What kind of "appliances" do you need during school hours?

And look at how private-sector people 'deal with' major illness. We buy our own disability insurance.

You can, too!!!

neomom said...

Whoa - Anony, yeesh, put down the kool-aid.

The spouse is a middle school math teacher, so don't try the tired "you hate teachers' schtick on me.

But WEAC isn't even in the vicinity of the free market.

How does reducing sick time accrual, a sick-time bank, and raising the retirement age save money? Well, sick time should be use-it-or-lose-it, not a bank account, and yeah, we have this little thing called "disability insurance" short and long term varieties, that gets us off the company payroll when we aren't actually producing anything for them. Teachers (and all public workers for that matter) should not be exempt from the concept.

And it ain't punitive. It actually is pretty equitible with what those paying the public salaries get. Why do you think you should be more special?

capper said...

Holy cow, Deekboy, did your hood get wet at the rally today? So cranky.

But, unfortunately for your barely literate rant, I'm not a Republican, so am not responsible for all the bad laws that have fed poverty for so long.

And don't worry, Daddio, when you finally flip all the way, there'll be good Waukesha County workers to find you a nice home for the rest of your life. Come to think of it, I would think you would want to look out for your future and support that stuff more.

Anonymous said...

Keep mouthing off, Capper. You remain the only one in this threaded under criminal investigation in the past year. The last thing you'll hear --

Dad29 said...

Fix the language, Anony. Stats were worth reading!

Anonymous said...

The Youtube clip is Capper's method of suicide, which is going to happen when union thugs are banished to the sidelines for the next 100 years. There isn't a good sound effect for a hanging. Not that there's a joist alive that can support the weight of that tub of lard.

capper said...

Nope, it's a death threat. The second to be exact. The first one was all about a "hollow point with my name on it." The police found that one remarkable.

But to even accept the trolls version, it's still wishing for my death, and not very civil at all.

But who should expect civility from an anonymous coward, using a proxy server, that gets his jollies impersonating bloggers on other people's sites

And Daddio's hypocrisy ranks right up there with the troll that he enables.