Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sins of Education, Part Two

Really more a series of rants on the 'culture,' but worth reading.

...Home-schooling, it seems to me, becomes a towering social responsibility. I have actually seen a teacher saying that parents should not let children learn to read before they reach school. You see, it would put them out of synch with the mammalian larvae that children are now made to be. Bright children not only face enstupiation and hideous boredom in schools taught by complacent imbeciles. No. They are also encouraged to believe that stupidity is a moral imperative....

Sharp elbows!

Twilight really does come. Sales of books fall. Attention spans shorten. Music gives way to angry urban grunting.

...and some of that grunt-ation is delivered with sanctimonious "multi-culti" slime as 'church music...'

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