Sunday, September 04, 2011

Perry's Corporatism

There's lots to like about Rick Perry.

And there are a lot of questions about Rick Perry's methods.

Perry promises to "get Americans back to work," but his policies -- from backroom drug company giveaways to green energy subsidies -- eerily mirror the unseemly big business-big government collusion that has characterized President Obama's presidency. Judging by his record in Texas, Perrynomics might just be low-tax Obamanomics.

Carney mentions the embarrassing Gardasil mandate, but also brings up Perry's "wind-farm" love.  (Imagine that:  a politician speaking at a wind-farm convention.  One giant step for perpetual motion!)

Not to mention Perry's 'Stash'--a couple of Gummint-controlled investment funds.  Not very seemly, even if they were pure as the driven snow.

After four years of bailouts, drug-lobby-crafted health care "reform," corporate handouts in the name of "stimulus" and "green jobs," and cash-for-clunkers boondoggles, does Perry really think what we need is more corporatism?

One certainly hopes that isn't the case.


neomom said...

I'm fence-sitting on the Republican field right now. It would take more than a crowbar to get any monetary support for any of them at the moment. Not to mention that our primary is so late in the process it will be all but done....

My thoughts on Perry are that he is one heckuva smart and pragmatic politician and pushes for just as much as he thinks the electorate will let him get away with. I am suspecting - at least for a first term - the corporatism would be minimal due to the nature of the electorate. But extreme caution if he would get to a 2nd where he didn't really have to answer to the people anymore - ala GWB.

Dan said...

He's an interesting candidate in a number of good ways. But he already seems to have been bought and paid for by AIPAC...

...and do we really need another one of those?