Monday, September 12, 2011

The Obama Translation of Ps. 46

Well, there's King James, the NAB, the NRSV, the Jerusalem....

And now there's the Obozo.

What a maroon.


Anonymous said...

Maroons (from the word marronage or American/Spanish cimarrĂ³n: "fugitive, runaway", lit. "living on mountaintops"; from Spanish cima: "top, summit") were runaway slaves in the West Indies, Central America, South America, and North America, who formed independent settlements together. The same designation has also become a derivation for the verb marooning.

Dad29 said...


Recently, it's become a synonym for moron.

Colloquialism, you know.

neomom said...

And he is the Great Orator? Really?

That was truly an awful reading. Clipped, emotionless, gaffes. Ugh.

Deekaman said...

From the Urban dictionary:

If you want to take the third most used definition of anything, I'm sure you can locate some sort of racist intent. Like, "Anony is a Dick". I you look deeply enough, I imagine you will find a slave owner who referred to one of his slaves as "Dick".

Racism, straight up!

Anonymous said...

Did you guys quit using Macaca?

Anonymous said...

Still a truther Anony 11:33?