Friday, September 02, 2011

More on PRChina

The story is almost a movie-script.

I recently had a fascinating conversation with a person who was in China in the mid-1990s for his job. Strongly Catholic, he would attend Mass at one of the "underground" Catholic Churches (as opposed to China's state-sponsored "catholicism"). He left China under duress after the Chinese police found out he was attending Mass at one of the underground churches. The police confiscated all his belongings and were waiting to arrest him at his apartment. Thanks be to God, his landlord warned him not to come back to his apartment. He took a night train from mainland China into Hong Kong, which was a British territory at that point (so it was considered a "safe" zone for U.S. citizens.) When the train pulled into the station, the Chinese police boarded the train to do a search and seizure, and he started running for the Hong Kong border. The British guard saw him running, saw the Chinese police running after him, pointed his gun at the Chinese and yelled, "Run, Yank!" He made it across the border in the nick of time.


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