Thursday, September 01, 2011

More on "Chant"/"Cantus"

Jeffrey writes a very cogent and plain-texted post on the song/Propers/Chant/hymn controversy.

...Typically the issue is framed up as chant vs. hymns, proper texts vs. other texts, and these choices are evaluated according to whether and to what extent propers or hymns appeal to community sensibilities and the longing of the people for inspirational music. I find myself regretting this aspect of the terms of debate because it adheres too closely to what is known about the current paradigm. The real issue is whether the core music of the Roman Rite (Gregorian chant) and the sung texts of the Roman Rite (Mass ordinary, Mass dialogues, and Mass propers) are going to be used or whether we are going to displace those elements with something of our own creation - which is to say that the issue is whether we will sing the Mass or sing something else....

Read the rest.  His bullet-points are marvelous.

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