Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Green Porcelain Tubes

The movie line "If you build it they will come" has another version:  "If you give away money, they will show up."

Thus the "green" green of the taxpayers--present and future.

Treasury Department chief of staff Mark Patterson was a Goldman Sachs lobbyist advocating susbidies for cellulosic ethanol while Goldman was buying up a cellulosic ethanol company. Patterson never received a waiver from the administration's restrictions on former lobbyists, but the adminstration has never explained how a Goldman lobbyist could work at Treasury without working on issues affecting tax law, finance, banking, or Goldman.

Solyndra, the ethanol thieves (let's face it--that's what they are), the make-it-in-China-with-US-tax-dollars hijackers, the front-company "green" flip-artists.....

And they're local, too:  Johnson Controls is perfectly happy to see Federal taxpayer dollars be jammed into "green" projects for schools, whether practical or not....


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