Monday, September 05, 2011

The Genealogy of White House Players: CPUSA and Worse

Man alive.  Here we excerpt from a 7-page article written by Paul Kengor of the AmSpec.  Trust me, what you don't see here is WELL worth the read.

So, imagine where we are today: Barack Obama, Frank Marshall Davis’s political godson, and Valerie Jarrett, daughter-in-law to Vernon Jarrett and granddaughter of Robert Taylor—men with links to pro-Stalinism—are the two dominant figures in the White House, the power center that battled the USSR throughout the Cold War.

The article focuses on Jarrett. 

(As an aside, it's a tantalizing possibility that her father, just like Obama's mother, was connected with the CIA--something that Kengor does not explore.)

...As chief executive at The Habitat Co.—as well as her prior positions—Jarrett oversaw the management and development of huge housing projects in and around Chicago, including in Barack Obama’s district when he was an Illinois state senator. Those projects received huge infusions of government dollars, local and federal. They were also a wreck, suffering from pests, rats, mice, backed-up sewage in sinks, and drug dealers—to cite a short list of calamities. Ultimately, these facilities were seized by federal authorities and shut down because of their deplorable, squalid, unlivable conditions and litany of code violations.

So 'the community' wasn't exactly well-served by 'the organizer'--in this case, Jarrett.  But runs in the family:

The Globe piece also provided a brief early history of Chicago public housing, noting that in the mid-20th century, Chicago had constructed some of America’s largest developments, with the coup de grâce being the Robert Taylor Homes, which was a mass of more than 4,400 apartments sprawled across 28 high-rise buildings laid out for two miles along the interstate. These buildings were operated by the Chicago Housing Authority, as was another huge complex called Stateway Gardens, a dreadfully impoverished facility that, as the Globe noted, was “falling apart after decades of epic, sometimes criminal, mismanagement.”
What the Globe did not note, probably because it wasn’t familiar with the Valerie Jarrett bloodline noted earlier in this article, is that the Robert Taylor Homes were named for Valerie’s great-grandfather, and the CHA that ran them was headed by her grandfather: two Robert Taylors.

Just lovely.  The Federal and/or Illinois & Chicago debt incurred to build and tear down these atrocities is going to be repaid in the next 10-20 years, of course.  How much?  Start here:

...Among the largest recipients of subsidies was Rezko’s Rezmar Corp., which over nine years received some $87 million in government money to renovate nearly 1,000 dilapidated apartments. The folks in the “Rezmar buildings” constantly complained about their conditions, which never improved.

So.  What's it all about, Alfie?

What does Valerie Jarrett personally believe? How far to the left, or perhaps nearer the center, are her politics? Is she the red-diaper heir to radical Chicago leftists from a half century ago? Has she rejected her forebears’ hard-left politics?

(Given the record laid out in the article, her ideology is probably irrelevant.  She has her dacha, her limo-Zil; and would probably fit comfortably into the group of people who attended the Kremlin power, or the Beijing power.  One doesn't need an ideology to be a very comfortable apparatchik.)

...Obama and Jarrett are practically political alter-egos. And as Jarrett has said, she and the president have a “mind meld” working together, and what he wants to do is what she wants to do. From November 2008 to November 2010, that was a radical-left agenda, a major progressive push toward a leviathan federal government: $800-billion “stimulus” package, Keynesian economics, wealth redistribution, nationalizing GM, funding embryonic research and Planned Parenthood International, bashing “profits” and corporate “fat cats,” berating the finance industry, orchestrating show trials of AIG executives, ObamaCare, a record $1.6 trillion deficit, massive debt levels, and on and on....

The MSM portrays Jarrett as a 'practical' type, who (like Obama) surpasses genius-level on any IQ test.  Yah, well.  Maybe.

Up here, we continue to refer to Chicago types as "FIBs".  There are more reasons for that every day.

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