Saturday, September 17, 2011

FBI in Madison, EPA in Texas: Rule Towards Chaos

We now are able to say that the ObozoBoyzzz are happy to play rough any time they think they need to.

Belling read a letter from an ex-FBI guy who seriously questions the use of the Bureau during the raid on a Walker Administration official's home.

Now we have the State of Texas accusing the EPA of flat-out lying about the implantation of the GreenWeenie up Texas' .....ahhh........lower orifice.

The EPA again stated that Texas was treated no differently from any other state, claiming that Texas had the same opportunity to provide comments on the rule proposed as other (Group 2) states that must comply in 2012. 

The facts: The information provided to Texas and its regulated sources amounted to a general request for comments on Texas’ possible inclusion. Every other state with the same compliance obligations was provided an emission budget and a detailed rationale for its inclusion—Texas was not...

The EPA wrongly stated that Texas’ SO2 emissions have been reduced by 0.1 percent. 

The facts: From 1999 to 2009, total point source SO2 emissions in the state of Texas have decreased by 44 percent. If you look only at electric generating units covered by this rule, the total decrease is 32 percent from 1999 to 2010. Neither of these figures remotely resemble EPA’s claim.

Yes, there's more demonstrated lying at the link.

We also know that Holder has loaded DoJ with ideologues who happen to have law degrees.

And we know that Obozo's Regime has simply ignored at least one State's de-funding of Planned Parenthood by steamrolling money into that Organized BabyKilling Mob.

And, of course, there are the hundreds, if not thousands, of lies surrounding ObozoCare, the gravity of which pale in comparison to its obliteration of First Amendment rights vis-a-vis religious freedom.

We live in interesting times.



Deekaman said...

With Internet "Fairness" coming soon to a computer near you, the likeihood of the remainder of the First Amendment falling to the wayside is great. Can you say,"Aaaaattttttaaaaacccckkkkkwwwwaaaaattttccchhhhhh!"?

Anonymous said...

"We also know that Holder has loaded DoJ with ideologues who happen to have law degrees."

Tommy Chong can tell you about how the DoJ is "loaded" with spineless ideologues.

steveegg said...

Point of order, anon - if the DoJ were loaded with spineless ideologues, this wouldn't be happening. It's common decency, a sense of fair play, and manners they lack, not spines.

Tim Morrissey said...

I thought it was a bit much that the fibbies were the lead agency in the pre-dawn raid on an east-side Madison home. High drama.

Dad29 said...

The best-informed speculation on the FBI's involvement has to do with FBI's 'computer smarts'.

Well, OK.