Monday, September 05, 2011

The DC Mind, Part 203,559

There was a brief hiatus in "Mind" notes--but it's roaring back!!

FEMA rules will leave DeKalb County schools little choice except to demolish a new, $500,000 tornado shelter once a storm-damaged campus is repaired and students leave mobile classrooms, the county's top educator said.

That shelter, plus other school shelters that the Federal Emergency Management Agency is paying to install in other counties, is intended only for temporary use while students attend class in portable classrooms due to tornado damage. But once that purpose is served, a school system can keep the shelter or transfer it to the local community only by paying FEMA a fair-market price for it. But FEMA will pay the expense of tearing down the temporary shelter.

Because, of course, there will never, never, EVER, again be a storm-event in Alabama, right?

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