Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Courts? Screw the Courts!!

The Blackrobed Dictators are about to face the real music.

Texas Governor Rick Perry has come out in support of an Ohio measure to ban abortion from the moment of a detectable fetal heartbeat. The 2012 presidential contender announced his support before a group of 250 pro-life and pro-family leaders meeting in Texas.

That's really secondary to the main story.

Wachtmann’s “Heartbeat Bill” had 50 co-sponsors, half the Ohio House of Representatives, when he formally introduced the measure on February 24. The Ohio House passed the bill 54-43 in June. Its next stop is the state Senate, which is controlled by Republicans.

The bill does not have the support of Ohio Right to Life for tactical reasons and doubts over its overall chances for success. Michael Gonidakis, Ohio Right to Life’s executive director, has explained to media outlets that their concern is that the bill would ultimately not survive a court challenge, and thus not end up saving unborn lives.

The RTL organizations have consistently shied away from actual pro-life legislation.  They don't like "personhood", either, remember?

Regardless, since SCOTUS will not reverse Roe--the worst decision of the 20th century--the States will have to impose their will.  In the immortal words of "Feddie":  Stare Decisis is fo' suckas!!!

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