Friday, September 02, 2011

Congress and GWBush: the Real Gibson Guitar Culprits

Kevin notes with approval an essay at Breitbart's place.

What neither the essayist nor Kevin mention is that GWB signed the damnfool legislation.

UPDATE:  Kevin provides a bit more info!!

The House voted overwhelmingly on Wednesday afternoon to override President Bush’s veto of the $307 billion farm bill, setting the stage for the second veto defeat of Mr. Bush’s presidency. 

The 316-to-108 tally, far over the two-thirds needed to overcome a veto, sent the five-year, multipurpose bill to the Senate. Barring a last-minute shift in that chamber, senators appeared certain to vote overwhelmingly for the bill, sealing the president’s defeat.

Sorry about that, GWB!  

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Kevin said...

Uh humm...

Larry, I love ya, but there was a reason I didn't mention a GWB "signing" as you put it.