Friday, July 08, 2011

The Unlimited Air-Quality Power of EPA

You read that right; the EPA asserts that its power is unlimited in issues of air quality.

For ozone and particulate-matter pollution, because no thresholds have been identified below which there is no risk at all, the EPA is using scenarios of risk and exposure to gauge the effects of setting the standards at various concentrations and giving consideration to the burden of avoidable disease. --J. Samet, Chair, EPA CASAC


What Samet is saying is that there is no scientific basis for EPA not continually reducing manmade air emissions until there aren’t any. As Samet points out, under the Clean Air Act, the EPA could literally regulate us out of any sort of industry without regard to the consequences...

Oh, there ARE limits. They may be imposed by pitchforks and torches, but there ARE limits.

HT: JunkScience

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