Friday, July 08, 2011

Another Declaration of Independence: TEA Party 2.0

We've cited this guy a number of times, for good reason. He hits another grand slam here.

I deny both the right and wisdom of government to “own” any industry.

I reject the notion that a just government can exist in the absence of a strictly obeyed Constitution.

I deny the wisdom of the political class to achieve prosperity through economic control. Their failure is massive and evident.

I do not believe that only government officials should be allowed to enjoy lavish benefits and extravagant lifestyles without facing moral condemnation for their greed.

I deny the possibility of a large government without endemic corruption.

I do not believe the election of national representatives should be a quest for brilliant masters of industry. They should understand the limits and duties of their own jobs, not how to perform the jobs of those they rule

I reject the application of compulsive force against citizens who have not engaged in criminal offenses. I am not interested in being “transformed” or “engineered” by my government, and I deny its moral authority to do so against my will.

Except in cases of the most dire emergency, I don’t accept the moral authority of today’s politicians to place unbearable obligations on the taxpayers of the future. Taxation without representation is wrong. Who represents the children of tomorrow? Were their voices heard, when they were assigned to pay off fourteen trillion dollars in debt?

More at the link, worth the time.

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