Friday, July 15, 2011

So Why Are Debt Negotiations Secret, Anyway?

Kind of a "by the way" question, ain'a?

Can you think of one good reason that the debt-ceiling talks are secret?

Can you?

It's about time that Obama, Reid, and Boehner allow the press into the room.

After all, it is OUR future, and that of our chilluns and grandchilluns.


Anonymous said...

Because Cockroaches like the dark.

John Foust said...

Who can forget Dad29's posts about rushed and poorly-posted "emergency" meetings in Madison, held in rooms too small to accomodate the crowd?

Anonymous said...

Hey jonny, the legislation to which you refer had been debated out in the open, in public for weeks. There was nothing secretive about it. Everyone knew exactly what they were voting on, unlike the debt ceiling talks.

John Foust said...

Hey Anony, so you think Dad29's principle of openness should be toned down to some new line in the sand, whereby if "everybody knows about it" we don't need to open about what we do?

Maybe you can explain Walker's lack of campaigning on the Act 10 issue, too.

Anonymous said...

Actually John, I do favor a principal of openness (not sure exactly what you define as Dad29's principal, so I can't comment directly on that one). Are you opposed to a principal of openness with regards to government activity?

And maybe you can explain why, under this new era of transparency (yes that is sarcasm), we need to pass a law in order to find out what is in it.

John Foust said...

No, I think government should be quite transparent, period. Yes, Obama hasn't been as transparent as he promised.