Thursday, July 14, 2011

"Innovative" Experiments? More Gummint Failures

Oh, well.

...Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius showed up in Politico touting a whole bunch of reasons why Americans should feel just dandy about last year's health care overhaul.

...The Congressional Budget Office is readying a report essentially saying that all those fancy pilot programs Sebelius is so proud of don't work very well...

A forthcoming report from the Congressional Budget Office shows that more than two dozen demonstrations projects launched by Medicare and Medicaid over the past decade have failed to stop the upward march of health care costs, CBO director Doug Elmendorf said Tuesday. --Kaiser Health quoted by Hit and Run

Not only that! ObozoCare and the WonkeryMasters who wrote/run it have managed to repel the very people whom they SAID they were emulating.

At the end of March, the Obama administration's Department of Health and Human Services released its first draft of the proposed ACO rules: 400-plus pages of regulatory legalese designed to tell doctors, medical administrators, and other health providers exactly how they ought to be coordinating their care and practices in order to appease the the administration's health bureaucrats. So will the new regulations usher in an era of smarter, more coordinated care like we've seen in those model providers networks? Not likely: A number of those care organizations took a look at the rules the Obama administration is proposing to set up and politely said something to the effect of, "No thanks." Mayo, for example, told Congressional Quarterly that there would have to be "substantial revisions" in order for the clinic to think about participating. The Cleveland Clinic has indicated that the proposed rules would put significant barriers in the way of their current (model!) care practices. And a representative from Geisinger said that the organization has "a large number of concerns" with the proposed regs: "A lot of the detail-level work is problematic. It seems to be very prescriptive and restrictive with a fair amount of administrative and regulatory oversight."

Butbutbutbutbutbut....Teh Won is the smartest Unicorn in the whole universe! His Pixie-Dust is more powerful than Hogwarts' brooms!

Yah. But Totalitarianism never worked before--and that's not going to change.

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