Wednesday, July 13, 2011

"Same Healthcare as Congress Gets"?--Not Really

According to Obozo, you're too stupid to understand stuff like this, but we'll post it anyway.

Department of Health and Human Services proposed regulations released Monday confirm that not all Americans will be given the same insurance choices as Congress under Obamacare. The 244-page proposed rule would allow states to include health plans on their insurance exchange with coverage below levels given to federal employees. The regulations would then allow employers to lock their employees into a health plan with coverage below that available to Members of Congress.

Oh, by the way......

Look again at the graf above. TWO HUNDRED FORTY-FOUR PAGES.

Think that might add a couple of bucks to the "cost of doing business" in America?


Botiquin De Primeros Auxilios said...

Well i believe health plain should be equal for every one. Its a serious matter and should not be politicized.

Dad29 said...

Good luck with that.