Wednesday, July 13, 2011

McConnell the Weasel: Party-Of-Government Rising!

It comes as no surprise that Mitch McConnell would weasel out of a fight. His objective is to keep Big Gummint intact (and preferably growing.)

...Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell unveiled a proposal that is a stunning attempt to beam himself out of the debt ceiling fight. Under the proposal, Congress would give President Obama the authority to raise the debt limit without cutting spending by a combined total of $2.5 trillion, while needing the support of just over one-third of the House and Senate.

It's the Party-Of-Government understanding, you see. Since the US citizenry is too stupid to understand Gummint finance, and since keeping the Gummint running is FAR more important than anything else, McConnell, the Weasel, offers up our children and grandchildren as sacrifices on the altar.

There are two words I have for him. They're the first part of the phrase ending "....and the horse you rode in on."

More from AOSHQ. Briefly, he thinks asscovering is not "governing." No kidding!

Even MORE from AmSpec. Allowing UNILATERAL debt increase? (Governing, again. It's a real bitch, Mitch.)

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