Monday, July 04, 2011

The NEA: Spiraling Down to Irony-Land

Hot Air has a correspondent at the NEA Convention.

Things are getting tight in NEA-Land.

...NEA has a $14 million budget shortfall, or that it has lost more than 39,000 active members. Pringle stated that the deficit is closer to $17 million ...

(...and the Wisconsin membership-loss hasn't even begun yet.)

So. How to fix that?

...Ms. Pringle ...declared, “I will not support an increase in dues” to close the budget gap because “our members are hurting.” And she detailed the budget committee’s work on staff costs, saying, “We’ve worked to reduce benefits.”

They also laid off staffers, average total comp of which was $240K.

Yah, reality's a bitch Ms. Pringle.

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Anonymous said...

So the NEA did not want to raise rates on the payers because they were hurting, they then proceeded to reduce benefits and lay off workers?

Sounds like they are Anti-Union