Monday, July 04, 2011

The Fifth Column Begins to Peel Away

You've seen a few dribs and drabs of this, like the CNN reporter-ette who pushed back hard at Obozo's non-response a few weeks ago.

Then Halperin.

Now Evan Thomas.

In this week’s press conference, Barack Obama blamed eeeeeeeeeeevil corporate jet owners and oil companies for the federal budget deficit in an attempt to play class-warfare games to fire up the base. Former High Priest of ObamaMania Evan Thomas (who also sidelines as a Newsweek editor) became an apostate by noting that demagoguery wastes time and makes it harder to find solutions. Thomas “applaud[s] the energy,” but wonders when Obama will start presidenting instead of being a party hack...

Obozo & Co. have treated the Press like doormats for quite some time. One also suspects that some members of the Press resent Obozo's non-responsive, condescending, windbag-lecture "answers" to their queries.

Should be fun to watch over the next several months, eh?

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