Tuesday, July 19, 2011

House: $111Bn in Immediate Cuts?

They piss down your back and tell you it's raining.

$111Bn is 5 days' USGovernment BORROWING.


McConnell, noted economics and geo-economics scholar, says Dow will dump 1,000++ points if there's no compromise.

First off, he KNOWS this because................?????????

Secondly, so what? Dow's overpriced, anyway.

Third, does McConnell, noted econ/geo-econ scholar, know what T-Bonds will do?

Oh, wait.

He's afraid we'll find out that the USGovernment can be (largely) replaced by States and citizens.

The Sum of All (DC) Fears.


John Foust said...

Wow, the conservative blogs tend to talk about wee-wee much more than the liberal ones.

Anonymous said...

"Secondly, so what? Dow's overpriced, anyway."

According to who? YOU? So, let the market "correct" itself, therefore leading corporate big wigs to justify cutting higher salaried workers and raise prices to make up for their stock losses. BRILLIANT!