Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Got Damages? Never Mind. Amer. Ass'n for Justice Hoovered 'Em


Sirius XM Radio customers will get no money from a suit recently settled by trial lawyers against the company. But the lawyers are scheduled to extract $13 million. The Center for Class Action Fairness filed an objection today on behalf of Sirius XM Radio customers challenging the settlement in the Southern District Court of New York.

Well, sure. THAT makes sense.

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Tim Morrissey said...

Anyone holding the stock (or, God forbid, the debt) of any publicly-traded broadcast/satellite-delivered entertainment entity today realizes that two classes of people will make money off the company: lawyers and "investment bankers" who churn the constantly-increasing debt to generate fees.

Anonymous said...

Capitalism, boys and girls, capitalism. What, you support regulations on their behavior? Why, why, that's socialism and anti-Americanism!

neomom said...

And yet lawyers and liberal useful idiots are screeching over the SCOTUS ruling making class action suits more difficult to bring forth.

Deekaman said...

Actually Anon, it is not Capitalism. Not in the least (if that is really your point) It is a "crony-ism" in which government looks the other way as their preferred classes (i.e. Trial Lawyers) are enriched by theft. More of a Plutocracy in which those who write the rules make them such that the rule-writers benefit.

Anonymous said...

"More of a Plutocracy in which those who write the rules make them such that the rule-writers benefit."

Just like Haliburton and friends benefitted from Cheney's influence, right?

Dad29 said...

Not quite the same.

Trial lawyers produce NOTHING tangible. They are bloodsuckers.

Halliburton delivered a vast array of goods and services, and happened to be the only people who could do what the USG needed at the time.

But--as with most monopolies (like Gummint, e.g.) --they got fat and greedy.

Of course, fat greedy GUmmints have guns. Halliburton doesn't.

John Foust said...

Yea, those people who feel aggrieved by the actions of others... they should be forced to represent themselves. After all, sometimes they sue big companies!

Deekaman said...

Yeah....and those wonderful, helpful trial lawyers leave those aggrieved folks with a pittance while pocketing billions. Foust, you should be ashamed for taking the side of Big Legal over the poor working middle class.

Anonymous said...

"Trial lawyers produce NOTHING tangible. They are bloodsuckers."

Gee, I wonder who would call if, heaven forbid, one of your loved ones was injured with no fault of their own. You would be on the phone so fast it would make your head spin to demand accountability. So please spare us how you despise that profession.

There will always be lawyers who are parasites and leeches. But through their efforts to ensure that our basic rights are guaranteed, they help to CREATE new laws in the event that legislation is needed to close loopholes or address a wrong. They PRODUCE multi-million lawsuits which make businesses think twice about skirting statutes. In turn, those companies MAKE products and PROVIDE services which follow specific guidelines. Lawyers are involved in this process.

Most of the time the people who blame lawyers are politicians. Notice the irony? Politicians make those laws in the first place, then have the audacity to complain when lawyers use that law to their advantage for their clients or even challenge that law.

Lawyers did not create the game, they are simply participants. And, in the great American way, if they are able to make money in the process, I give them props even if I may despise their methods at times.

Anonymous said...

Maybe, just maybe, the Center for Class Action Fairness is using their profession in an honest, noble effort to go after those lawyers who are being greedy.

But why should I think that Dad29 even considered that possibility? Lawyers do not have hearts, they're not even human, eh?

TerryN said...

Foust will always take the side opposite the conservative blogger's.

Even if it compromises his position.