Monday, July 18, 2011

The Appleton Regime Cracks Down on 12-Year-Old Profiteers

What they really need in Appleton?

Actual, Real, Horrific crimes. It'll keep the cop-shop busy doing actual cop-stuff.

A lemonade stand has been a tradition for Lydia Coenen and her sister Vivian. The tradition started with Lydia's lemonade before they were even born.

...The girls have since taken over the business, opening the stand each summer during the Appleton Car Show. They charge just 50 cents for a cold glass of lemonade. "One year we made about $100 and there were four or five people working so everyone got about $26," says Lydia.

They had big plans for this year---that is until the police showed up this morning and shut down business. "Our poor local police officer had to deliver the news that according the ordinance, we weren't able to set up on the terrace, and not even able to set up on our own private property to let the kids sell the lemonade," explains Margi.

The girls didn't have a permit which is required by city ordinance when selling anything within the business district. But that's not all. That same ordinance also prohibits people from selling anything within a two block radius of a special event. The girls' lemonade stand is just a block away from the car show.

So ends another Criminal Career. Meantime, professional paper-clippers in City Hall continue collecting salary, benefits, and pension credits.

Makes your heart swell with pride, no?

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John Foust said...

What? Isn't there some connection to Obama in this?

Anonymous said...

Sorry for your loss, John.