Monday, March 21, 2011

Yup. We're In a Third War

Examiner points out that HRC and the Pentagon are on two different pages about who's on first in the third war.

The better question: what's the end of the book supposed to look like?

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GOR said...

Well it is interesting to read what each country is saying about this. Each is trumpeting its own involvement: “British Tomahawk missiles in the air” “US B-2 bombers aloft” “Six Italian Tornados take off…” French Mirage 2000-5s take part in “les premiers raids aĆ©riens…” But, where are the Saudi jets? The Jordanian Air Force?

All very UN-like and coalition-enhancing but, the Arab League - after being strong-armed into ‘participation’ - is now “having reservations”. Gee, who could have predicted that?

And, once Ghaddafi is toppled, what then…? Given Libya’s tribal makeup – similar to so many other Muslim countries – what will be the final result? Do we expect ‘democracy’ to suddenly break out…? Like in Afghanistan…? Iraq…? Iran…? Egypt…?