Monday, March 21, 2011

Arbitarty, Capricious, and Destructive: Government

Still using one of those gasoline-fired automobiles? Diesel-fired trucks?

Maybe not for too long.

Recent EPA expansion imposes excessive, redundant regulatory burdens on oil and natural gas production and introduces high levels of uncertainty. EPA has directly prevented project approvals in the West.

DOI[nterior] continues to hold millions of dollars in unissued leases, despite statutory requirements to issue leases within sixty days of receipt of payment from successful bidders.

One of the first things Secretary Salazar did after taking office was to withdraw 77 leases in Utah. That has been followed by the intent to cancel existing leases in the Wyoming Range, after the government had already completed the leasing contracts.

There are seven other "Top 10 Ways Obama & Co. are Halting Energy Development" at the link.

Got bicycle?

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Deekaman said...

"Prices will necessarily skyrocket".

Anyone really surprised? Welcome to the Third World.