Thursday, March 10, 2011

What Took So Long? Respect.

In Righty-Blogland, the dominant question regarding the Wisconsin imbroglio is "What took so long? Why didn't Walker move faster"?

I think there's only one explanation: respect.

Scott Walker respects both the legislative process and his elected colleagues from either side of the aisle. He did everything 'by the book,' with all the usual committees and debates (and more than enough one-note wailing in the Assembly session). He politely ignored the flotsam and jetsam which moved from homeless shelters to the Capitol; he considered valid arguments and as a result granted civil-service protections to all public employees; he patiently (and blandly) iterated his position and the reasons he held it, and granted interviews to anyone who asked.

He respected the process, worked the Golden Rule, and stuck with his principles. He did everything he could to engage the FleeBags honestly and civilly. That Boy Scout Eagle badge means something to him, and he acted accordingly.

It is noteworthy that he offered a number of concessions. It is even more noteworthy that those concessions did not concede his thesis: that Union benefits and work-rules would eventuate in the mortal wounding of public finances in Wisconsin. The concessions only gave PEUs some room within boundaries.

It became clear after three weeks, that the FleeBags were not bargaining in good faith. It was noisily obvious long ago that they and their paid-for crowds were never going to be respectful of the November results, nor the financial situation, nor, for that matter, of the curious and ponderous 'traditions of the Legislature.'

But Walker patiently and respectfully pursued his course. He did what he knew was the right thing to do: act with respect for others, no matter their method.

Kudos, Governor.


Anonymous said...

"Totally bogus."

Spicolli, from Fast Times At Ridgemont High

jimspice said...

This attempt to justify union busting under the guise of financial emergency was so tortured it was difficult to read.

Badger Catholic said...

Amen, great post!

John Foust said...

I'm an Eagle Scout, but I don't think I would've hustled this as quickly and as shamefully as the Senators did. Nor would I have locked the Chamber doors to keep the Dems out, as the Assembly GOp did this morning.

Dan said...

Nice post, Dad. The Dem's, liberals, unions and their thugs chose to act like a bunch of crying babies rather than debate.
But Walker and the GOP called their bluff.
So, liberals, would the bill have been weaker if the Dem's did stay? My guess is that the bill would have been watered down if the Dem's stayed. But they didn't, so the Dem's get an even worse bill for them.
Actions have consequences.

Deekaman said...

Foust: You weren't a very good Eagle Scout then, were you. The Senate Dems ran from their responsibilities. union thugs bully and intimidate and shout down the opposition. Is that what YOU learned as an Eagle Scout.

Shame on you.

Disgruntled Car Salesman said...

Foust, you clearly learned nothing from scouting. Nothing.

Anonymous said...

Hat tip to the adults vs. children analogies. So refreshing!

Anonymous said...

"The Senate Dems ran from their responsibilities. union thugs bully and intimidate and shout down the opposition."

"The Dem's, liberals, unions and their thugs chose to act like a bunch of crying babies rather than debate."

Anony, 10:13 p.m., indeed, I am so fortunate that the "adults" in the room refuse to spew out rhetorical phrases from biased conservative news outlets.

John Foust said...

Uhm, I learned to use my real name to stand behind my opinions.

jimspice said...

Exactly John. I can't imagine holding opinions so vile that an assumed name must be employed to avoid embarrassment.

Deekaman said...

Judging from the death threats from the union thugs an assorted Leftists, we seem to be justified in our anonymity. OTOH, my name is easily found.