Thursday, March 10, 2011

Planned Parenthood Money--for What?

Planned Parenthood, the international providers of baby-killing services, likes to claim that their 'benevolent' provision of contraception 'reduces the need' for abortion.


...During a ten-year study of women in Spain, overall contraceptive use increased from 49 percent to 80 percent and the abortion rate more than doubled. This does not necessarily mean that greater access to contraception increases the abortion rate, but this study offers no evidence that contraception use actually lowers the abortion rate. Furthermore, a 2003 Guttmacher Institute study saw that a number of countries, including the United States, Cuba, Denmark, Netherlands, Singapore, and South Korea saw simultaneous increases in both contraceptive use and abortion rates. Now it is true that the abortion rates in some of these countries declined in the long term. However, in many of these countries the abortion rate remained higher than it was before contraception was widely available...

The best way to read those numbers is that "it's a draw." And that's a VERY kind reading.

What about "needs"? That's the story being put out by both PP and a Wisconsin "family planning" agency to justify its existence.

...Nine years ago the Guttmacher Institute surveyed 10,000 women who had had abortions. Among those not using contraception at the time they conceived, only 12 percent said that they lacked access to contraceptives due to financial or other reasons. Similarly, in their book Unmarried Couples with Children, sociologists Kathryn Edin of Harvard and Paula England of Stanford conducted an intense study of 76 low-income couples who had just given birth. Edin and England found that only a very small percentage of these women wanted contraception but were unable to afford it.

Again, the most favorable reading of those numbers tells us that we could cut PP funding by about 87%, no problem.

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