Sunday, March 06, 2011

The Usual Suspects Don't Like Walker's Plans

The JS notes that a meeting was held.

Hundreds of parents, teachers and school supporters packed the School District of Greenfield administrative building Saturday afternoon to discuss how Gov. Scott Walker's $834 million cut to K-12 education spending is likely to impact southeastern Wisconsin's school districts.


...It was also clear that neither Pertl nor the majority of the audience members were in favor of the governor's proposals to drop the requirement for schools in the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program to take the annual state achievement test.


But here one begins to get a sense of the crowd's real motivation:

It was clear the audience also opposed Walker's proposal to drop the requirement that teachers in independent charter (public) schools have a teaching license, and to allow them to teach with just a bachelor's degree.

So then this line, deadpanned by the JS writer, requires a bit of investigation:

The event included speakers from organizations such as the Wisconsin PTA and was sponsored in large part by the Wisconsin Alliance for Excellent Schools.

Sure enough. The WAES "Membership" page consists of WEA, WISDOM (the Alinsky-ites), and some stray dogs and cats.

From that group, it's not hard to find a "crowd of hundreds" who oppose any sensible plan.

UPDATE: When I said "The Usual Suspects," I wasn't kidding.


Deekaman said...

They need to protect those "phoney-baloney jobs".


neomom said...

In looking at the WEAS website a couple of things jumped out... The "Adequacy" model??? And that they want more money. Um, since WI already pays over $10K per student for some pretty inadequate results, how much more should get flushed before some improvement can be expected? And no its not shocking even a little bit that this group opposes the Walker plan. They probably campaigned against him.