Saturday, March 05, 2011

Can't Rebuild WI Capitol; Spent $770Million on Mosques

Well, that headline is actually a non-sequitur.


It's reported that the US is spending $770 million to repair mosques all over the Middle East.

No wonder there's a TEA Party.

I don't care if this started with Obozo or Bush. It should stop, now.

(We do NOT see $770 million to replace Coptic churches bombed by Muslims, do we???--not that I would advocate rebuilding them with US tax dollars, either...)


Al said...

Agree with you totally about no tax money for either side. But if I had to make a case for the Coptic Churches I would say that it was probably money from the US via the oil producing countries that helped pay for the bombs in the 1st place.

GOR said...

This is idiotic on so many levels! Nonie Darwish is right: "This is appeasement and they're laughing all the way to the bank".

We're spending millions of dollars to refurbish mosques where anti-American hatred will be spewed out? And we think this is buying influence? Clueless!

If Saudi Arabia can spend millions funding madrassas throughout the world, they should be able to fund the repair of their mosques - and they don't even allow Christians to gather publicly for worship, much less build churches in Saudi Arabia.

Anonymous said...

Fact Check did the research for us and of course the hysteria issued from the usual sources, then is spread by the usual paranoid channels, but proves to be based on a misreading of the facts. It’s a Bush program for Cultural Preservation (which Includes Mosques and Churches) from 2001. it’s only $26 million and it has gone to 640 cultural sites. The sewer system project did cost $770 million, and ran from 1984 to 2006. It’s done. And if we promoted good will over those 22 years, then it was well-spent.

My reaction to the TV station’s excuse (it was about how to cut spending), is “BS,” the spending that the station highlighted ended 5 years ago, and was not for the purpose of restoring mosques (not did much of the money do so. None of these facts were disclosed and these “facts” have not been retracted. So it’s bs from a hysterical source confirming fears and seeking ratings.

My practice whenever I get news stories like that one is to push back by sending the correction to the person who sent the original flamer to me. I get similar stuff from others. So, I send this to you,and leave it to you to medicate your source, if you wish!