Friday, March 11, 2011

They Start With Propaganda and Expect Compliance

Gotta hand it to these people.

First thing, they shovel the .......ahhhh........propaganda.

Then they complain about 'resistance.'

George Meyer, former DNR secretary and now executive director of the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation, said his group – consisting of 160 hunting and fishing groups -- overwhelmingly supports the EPA crackdown on greenhouse gas pollutants because they've already seen the negative effects of climate change.

"Climate change" happens. All the time. But "greenhouse gas" doesn't make it happen, Georgie.

Dan Chartier, a former EPA official who now works for the Edison Electric Institute, said the timeline for a series of regulations coming over the next few years could produce a “train wreck” for utilities.

We aren’t opposed to these rules, but we need a rational schedule,” he said, arguing that the compression of deadlines is giving his industry fits.

Of course the utilities aren't opposed. They will make money no matter how much Georgie's regulatory regime costs.

YOU will pay, not the utilities.

And he said the Midwest may be especially vulnerable to negative effects from the rules because this region gets more than 70 percent of its power from coal-fired plants.

Then these myth-pushing "just pay more and STFU" types proceed to lecture about 'civility.'

Green Energy Summit chairman George T. Stone echoed frustration with Walker and the politicizing of environmental issues. "We're here to talk about opportunities for the future from a knowledge base, not a political agenda," said Stone. "If you're interested in the best interest of the citizens and the future economic development of this state, you have to address issues on the basis of knowledge, not demonize and politicize issues."

OK, Mr. Stone. Let's trade.

You first: no more lying about "greenhouse gas" and "The End Of The World Fried-Children/Roasted Cornfields CRISIS CRISIS CRISIS" crap.

Then we'll think about making nice.

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