Monday, March 21, 2011

Rumsfeld's Memo to Limbaugh: You're Wrong!

Early in Rummy's book "Known and Unknown" he describes a situation from Vietnam War days wherein Rummy got in trouble for his friendship with a LeftOWacky Congressman.

Upshot: Rummy adopted a position diametrically at odds with Limbaugh's (incoherent) flapjaw meme of only a few years ago. (FWIW, I knew and explicitly stated that Limbaugh's position was wrong...)

Rummy postulates that 'one may be a patriot--and NOT undermine the troops--with principled opposition to a war.'

Limbaugh pandered to his audience with a denial of Rumsfeld's dictum for quite a few years.

It should be very interesting to hear what Limbaugh says about the Libyan....umnnnhh.....war liberation exercise oil-protection party adventure.

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