Sunday, March 20, 2011

More Lefty Violence

Worse than anything that's happened in Wisconsin (so far.)

A homemade incendiary device was thrown at one of the participants of the 40 Days for Life pro-life prayer vigil at an abortion business in Kalispell, Montana on Thursday night.

...The woman did not see either the firebomb nor the assailant it exploded on the sidewalk behind her, making a loud popping noise like a big firecracker as it burst into flame. Fortunately, the woman was not hurt in the incident.

To the pro-abortion crowd, the logic is consistent: killing pre- or post-born people macht's nichts.

What's more interesting is the "Ho Hum. So sad. Too bad." reaction from the Kalispell cop-shop.


Anonymous said...

Well, cuts in municipal services DO have consequences.

Deekaman said...

No doubt thrown by one of those f-ing Teabaggers. They are really violent, you know.

Jim said...

I firecracker is "lefty violence"?

Dad29 said...

Umnnhhh...that's not a 'firecracker.'

OTOH, in Milwaukee, the LeftOWacky candidate for County Exec DOES throw a firecracker--at a PI attorney.

Leaves a lot of us here with mixed emotions.