Sunday, March 20, 2011

Ann Walsh Bradley, Call Your Shrink

There's never been a doubt in my mind that Screechin' Shirley Abrahamson is in need of a good bitch-slap. Turns out she's not the only one.

Seems Ms. Bradley got one from Ms. Roggensack:

"You are a very active participant in the dysfunctional way we carry-on. (As am I.) You often goad other justices by pushing and pushing in conference in a way that is simply rude and completely nonproductive....."

Good for you, Ms. Roggensack.

And for that matter, Prosser's right when he refers to Abrahamson as a "bitch," although that term is unsatisfying because it's incomplete.

What the JS article reveals is that Lefties all act the same. Screechin' Shirley and her little Sancho, Bradley, are the black-robed and oh-so-'civilized' version of the spray-paint and push-and-shove crowd of thugs outside the Capitol, or at the M&I, Sendik's, or in Merrill, WI.

Need any more proof?

OK: who released the emails?

Yup. Little Sancho, who, caught, smiles sweetly and adopts the "Who, ME?" line of the smug satyr.



RAG said...

I think it's more appropriate to engage in legal scholarship when defining terms.

For example, in Smith v. Moran, 193 N.E.2d 466, 469 (Ill.App. 1963) the Illinois Court of Appeals took "judicial noticeof the fact that the term 'bitch' may imply some feeling of endearment when applied to a female of the canine species but that it is seldom, if ever, so used when applied to a female of the human race."i

Dad29 said...

Thank you for lending erudition to this site. Prolly won't help a lot.

I'm in the camp of the 'not endearments' here. Bradley is, to use legalese, a co-conspirator with Screechin' Shirley in attempting to sway the election.

IOW, an electioneering bitch.

Anonymous said...

..."a good bitch-slap".

Please tell me where in the good book is this sort of behavior condoned. We'll be waiting...

I also note you posted before church. That way, you can ask for forgiveness. Nice!

John Foust said...

What, Anony? You don't worship the angry Fightin' Jesus?