Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Let the Fleebags Save Face? Why?

Scott Walker has given the (D) Fleebags plenty of extra room on their leash--to the point of winking at their presence in the State during "negotiations."

His emails prove it; Walker gave them more bargaining-room on salary, more employees to organize, a break on the representation elections, and a few other goodies.

Nope. "All reasonable offers will be refused" is the current position of the irresponsible sore-loser crowd. "To Hell with duty. To Hell with the Wisconsin electorate's November decisions. To Hell with responsible fiscal governance. To Hell with the children who will pay these debts."

That's what Walker, the Fitz Boyzzz, and voters are being told by Miller & Co.

Our Madison correspondent thinks there is "anger" outside of Dane County.

Gee. I wonder why.

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