Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Barrett (!!?!!) Inveighs Against "Big Brother"

The irony of Tom Barrett, Statist, decrying "Big Brother" is ......extreme.

...Senate Bill 30 (SB30) says if a police officer or firefighter lives in a city that requires residency, that worker would be allowed to live anywhere in the county in which they reside or any adjacent county.

...Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett does not support the bill. In a release Tuesday afternoon, he said the following: "Since 1930, the City of Milwaukee has had residency as a condition of employment and, in that time, the City has had no problem in attracting job applicants...We don’t need big brother, State Government interfering in our local affairs,...

Department of Education. HHS. ObamaCare. EPA.

State Department of Public Instruction and Sex Ed. State DNR. State Mandated Recycling. State-Mandated Public Employee Bargaining.

Jam it, Tommy.