Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bigotry: Jeff Anderson

Anderson is the ambo-chaser who owns SNAP.

...money alone cannot account for his latest vendetta. Now he's engaged in a media ad campaign to find anyone who claims he was abused by a priest, regardless of how flimsy the evidence or when the alleged act occurred. It matters not a whit whether the priest is long dead and cannot defend himself.
In one sense, Anderson is doing us a favor: the cat's out of the bag. His integrity is shot. Any lawyer who would conduct a public relations hunt for one class of people to sue is not interested in justice.

Imagine for one moment if a lawyer launched an advertising campaign pledging to find every last person who was ever abused by a public school teacher.

That would fill an in-box.

Anderson's mad quest for new Catholic victims is of a piece with his pathological fixation on the Catholic Church. We've been on to his game for many years; his latest gambit should convince everyone of his real motive. It is not justice that drives him and his army of lawyers--it is a debased appetite to get the Catholic Church.

Doesn't take much to read between the lines of the JS's ........ahhhhh........loving take on Anderson. The guy's story tells you everything you need to know--and predicted this vendetta.

HT: Badger

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