Friday, February 04, 2011

VERY Smart Milwaukee DPW Management

Credit where credit is due:

Milwaukee's DPW management decided to send their snowplows with their drivers--home and to bed--before the Great Blizzard of Groundhogs/11 (or whatever.)

That move was swiped directly from the Lean Management handbook and apparently worked very well--at least for the main streets in Milwaukee.

Smart. VERY smart. Kudos!

Had it been Chicago's DPW, of course, we'd be able to buy snowplows (Clean!! No Rust!! Hardly Used!! Low Mileage!!) on E-bay that same night.

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TerryN said...

I liked Barrett's take on this. He's glad the employee's are forced to live in the city, like under communist rule.

Because a guy with a snowplow can't get to work in a snowstorm from somewhere like Brookfield or New Berlin:-) LOL...