Friday, February 04, 2011

Egypt: Stratfor's Take

Bayou RenMan is kind enough to provide some of Stratfor's take on Egypt.

[In the Iranian Revolution] It is important to understand that the demonstrations were seen as spontaneous, but were actually being carefully orchestrated. It is also important to understand that the real power behind the movement remained opaque to the media and the CIA, because they didn’t speak English and the crowds they organized didn’t speak English, and none of the reporters spoke Farsi (nor did a lot of the intelligence agency people). So when the demonstrations surged, the interviews were with the liberals who were already their sources, and who made themselves appear far more powerful than they were — and who were encouraged to do so by Khomeini’s people.

...Iran taught me never to trust a revolutionary who spoke English; they will tend to be pro-Western. When the masses poured into the streets — and that hasn’t happened in Egypt yet — they were Khomeini supporters who spoke not a word of English

Now applied to Egypt:

The only language these groups share with the identified leaders is English, and the funding for these groups depends on producing these people. And these people really want to turn Egypt into Wisconsin. The one thing I can guarantee is that is not what is going on.

What we have to find out is who is behind this

Our job now is to sort through all the claimants and wannabees of this revolution, and find out who the main powers are. These aren’t spontaneous risings and the ideology of the people in the streets has nothing to do with who will wind up in power. The one thing to be confident of is that liberal reformers are the stalking horse for something else, and that they are being used as always to take the heat and pave the way

Yah, well. Maybe all that "democracy" yappaflappa is transitory, eh?

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Deekaman said...

This is completely orchestrated. It is not coincidental that it is also going on in Yemen, Lebanon, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey.

Expect a Caliphate that starts in Turkey, extends through the Levant and across North Africa. This will be ugly.