Thursday, February 03, 2011

Politics As Usual: "Shiny Objects"

There's more than a little truth to this:

...Corker said, “What this bill does is it forces us, as Senator McCaskill just said, to look at the long haul; to look at it over time. One of the things that I find fascinating about this place is we never have a plan.” “We never have any idea where we are,” said Corker. “It’s the most amazing place in the world. What we do is argue over the shiny objects each year, which take us no place, and we never have a plan...

Paul Ryan (R-WI), Scott Walker, and a lot of TEA Party people understand that reference.

The MSM (or MBM: "Make-Believe Media") don't.

Neither do the "old bulls".

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neomom said...

McCaskill's vote to keep ObamaCare even though 71% of her constituents told her they hated it should indicate that maybe she isn't so concerned with re-election?