Thursday, February 03, 2011

Galbraith on Elite Horseapple-Spreading

Admirably direct language here from J K Galbraith, who describes Gorebal-ism, Frog-Hugging, Lefty Progressive Economists, EBITDA-Yappers, Gay "Marriage" hucksters, and (indeed) Progressive-Obamunism in general:

“In the case of economics there are no important propositions that cannot, in fact, be stated in plain language… Complexity and obscurity have great professional value; they are the academic equivalents of apprenticeship rules in the building trades… They exclude outsiders, keep down the competition, preserve the image of a privileged or priestly class. The man who makes things clear is a scab. He is criticized less for this clarity than for his treachery.

“Additionally, and especially in the social sciences, much unclear writing is based on unclear or incomplete thought. It is possible with safety to be technically obscure about something you haven’t thought out. It is impossible to be wholly clear on something you don’t understand; clarity exposes flaws in the thought. The person who undertakes to make difficult matters clear is infringing on the sovereign right of numerous economists, sociologists and political scientists to make bad writing the disguise for sloppy, imprecise or incomplete thought.”

Reduced a bit: "If you can't convince them with the facts, baffle them with BS."

In contrast, I offer "BUY MORE AMMO!!"

HT: Ritholtz


Billiam said...

Careful, Dad. Every time you write "Buy more ammo!", Foust wets his pants. His cleaning bill must be outrageous..

John Foust said...

Billiam, get real. Challenge your assumptions. Tell me what you think is normal behavior. I am just as pro- Second Amendment as I am pro- First Amendment. I have enough gun and ammo to make me happy, and I've always been a pretty good shot.

I think Dad29's obsessions are beyond the pale. They don't comport with his New Testament. They are an expression of his feeling of powerlessness against the government machine and all imagined enemies. It is a crazy fantasy that he'll be leading the charge in an upcoming civil war.

Billiam said...

Tell me, where did I say if you were pro 2nd or not? I was referring to your mocking him by leaving that on some of your comments. In other words, mocking you a bit. Feel free to mock me back, as I enjoy that. Challenge your own assumptions, and I'll gladly do the same.

John Foust said...

Go ahead, Billiam. Tell me if you think Dad29's fantasies are in line with yours. No pants-wetting needed.

Billiam said...

Have you ever met him and talked with him in person? If not, you know not from whence you speak. He's no fanatic. He is, in fact quite personable and pretty darn smart. As I'm sure you would be, and I as find Capper to be. In fact, outside of politics, Capps and I get on quite well. So, if you've not met him, perhaps you should make the effort. Then talk to me.

Dad29 said...

Thanks, Bill....but I'll pass on meeting John.

It's my year to take a shower.